Descendants of William Chapman Browning (1833-1896) Verner, Logan Co. WV

Hello Everyone & "Family Greetings":

My name is Robert Samuel Browning & I would like to welcome you to our "Family Group". This group is designed to develop and nurture the relationships of the "Descendants of Mr. William Chapman Browning's Living Relatives". We would like to develop an ongoing -Work In Progress- group about our "Family Ancestors" for future generations to be able to learn who we are & find out about their Linage as well.

These relatives include not only the nine children of his first marriage with Jane 'Jenny' Hatfield, but also the four children of his second marriage with Almedia Hatfield. We are interested in learning all about you & your family as well as any interesting facts or anything you would be willing to share with other distant relatives. If you have family photos, any kind of documents, or interesting facts about your relatives or ancestors, please post those with commentary of who they are & what took place in their lives.

Mr. Dale Browning [Admin] has been compiling a list of the "Living Relatives" of Mr. William Chapman Browning for sometime. This list has been a huge undertaking, in excess of 6000 people thus far, & Dale has taken on a big responsibility in developing his research. This will take a big load off of his shoulders.

So, that being said, please introduce yourself & tell us something about who you are & maybe where you live now. We would also request for you to show your relationship of 'How You Are Related to Mr. William Chapman Browning' in your first post. Also, Please 'INVITE' immediate family members to join the group so we may continue to grow.

As for a basic introduction, I will use myself as a short example:

"Hi, my name is Robert Samuel Browning & I grew up in Verner in a large family with 6 siblings. I am the youngest in my family of 2 brothers & 4 older sisters. My dad grew up & lived in Verner his entire life & he was 1 of the 8 sons of Troy Sr. & Chloie Browning. (etc... etc...) William Chapman is my Great, Great Grandfather on my father's side of the family. {William Chapman Browning.b-1833; Milton G. Browning.b-1866; Troy Browning Sr.b-1892; Hestel Browning.b-1925; Robert Samuel Browning.b-1959}"

Please list Chap (as he was called) with his first & middle name. Then list your ancestors with first, middle (if known), & last name along with birth dates for each ~ of either male or female as they descent down to you ~ listing your name last & placing brackets around your linage.

PLEASE NOTE; Any type of inappropriate behavior, negative postings, or negative commentary of any kind will NOT BE tolerated by the group. If this be the case, you may find yourself 'Unfriended' from the group.

In closing, we would like to thank you & very much appreciate your input in building this group. In the meantime, we look forward in getting to know each and everyone of you and your immediate family. ~ May 'God' Richly Bless ~


Robert Samuel Browning