Strong Future International

what we can discuss here that we aren't "allowed" to discuss in ...the SFI forum are tools that we use to promote SFI that are outside of SFI proper.

For instance, I can't post the links to my YouTube videos so others can see how I do a video. You aren't really supposed to post links to your blog either because that's considered "cross-promoting."

All you're really supposed to discuss in SFI's forums is SFI - period.

Well, here we can discuss HOW we promote SFI, tools we use, different methods that go beyond what's discussed on SFI's site, like WHERE to place the ads, etc.

Here's a prime example. SFI is partially a network marketing opportunity. That means you need LEADS to get people to sign up under you. What you can't post in SFI is that there are free lead generating TOOLS that are available outside of SFI.

So here, I can post a link - because it's NOT a Business Opportunity - it's a TOOL for network marketers to generate leads outside of or in addition to SFI's tools, like the co-ops.

That's what this group can do for us - we can help each other get ahead without the limitations and restrictions in the SFI forums.