A community group where anyone can discuss or share anything Xbo...x related.

---------------The Administrators-------------------

Sam Baker
Sheri L Bennett
Paul D Wilson


Advertising that hasn't been authorised by an admin will be deleted from the group, if you wish to advertise your group/page/website then message an admin FIRST before posting. We only ask that you respectfully request our permission.

We do this so that the groups ads are regulated and not arrogantly spammed


As with most online communities we do have a basic set of rules that must be followed

The Rules:

1. No spamming.
2. No advertising in the comment sections of posts.
3. No insulting language or abuse.
4. No offensive pictures or videos.
5. No trading/begging/buying/selling of Xbox Live Trial codes.
6. No derailing, keep posts on topic.
7. No conversation concerning hacking or modding.
8. No posts that incite blatant arguments.
9. No game/DLC trading
10. Do not block admins (we will ban you instantly for this)

Rule breaking will result in you being warned. We will only warn you once, if you continue to disregard the rules you will be banned from the group.

In this group we have a post permission system in effect, every post will be checked by an admin before being given approval and appearing on the wall. We use this system to keep the groups standards high and to prevent spam, with 24,000+ members currently within the group the wall would be flooded without it.

We have a list of things that we deliberately deny being posted, you will find these below.

If you ATTEMPT to post the following you will recieve a warning:

-: Your GT, post it in one of documents under the groups "file" tab.

-: Facebook page/group/profile links.

If you ATTEMPT to post the following you will not be warned and will recieve an

instant ban:

-: External links (Youtube videos/Twitch channels/websites)

-: Adverts that have no relation to Xbox or gaming in general

If you want to promote your Youtube videos/Twitch channels/websites etc then you must first ask an admin for permission to do so. This is so we can personally check out the link and see if it is suitable.

If you have any other questions to ask or anything to discuss please feel free to message us directly.

Thanks for reading

The admin team