Xerox Community Involvement Program (XCIP)

The Xerox Community Involvement Program (XCIP) was started in 1974 in response to employees wanting to get involved in their communities. Through XCIP the Foundation launched a program to provide the means to channel fund to local teams of Xerox employees for specific community projects. In 1974 XCIP had 1,000 employees participating in 96 projects nationwide. Since that time more than 430,000 employees have participated in over 17,000 different projects nationwide.

XCIP has worked so well over the years because it’s a basic, yet effective program to implement. The purpose of the program is best caught in the equation Xerox People + Xerox Funds = Effective Community Involvement. A need in the community is identified, a plan is formulated to help meet that need, funds are requested and volunteers are recruited to help implement the plan.