This group and list is the original "You know you're Papua New Guinean when...". Accept no imitations on other websites
Typical Papua New Guineans ^_^
Yu save yu blo PNG stret taim...


*You can have cordial 4 breakfast.

* You have Buai for Lunch.

* You still live with your parents even though you're 30
*U bring your boyfriend/girlfriend to da haus na everyone's concluded dat your married!

* You wear board shorts to cruz in town even though u r not going 4 a swim (KBS 2 da max!)

* You share one cigarette with five other people

* Your Mother gives your father Black eyes

* You have about 3 families living in one house

* Still keep drinking even though you can barely talk and walk

* At any major function, instead of a plate, your food comes in a plastic container

* You run into a mountain of Slippers blocking the front door.

* Your staple diet is rice and tin fish or Ox & palm.

* You have a huge gap between your first two toes, (excessive thong wear...)

* Swimming pool is filled with people wearing t-shirts, (Females)

* You can sprint barefoot on sharp stones and rocks.

* You wake up and go straight to work or classes

* At crossings you r supposed 2 wait 4 da car to stop b4 crossing, not da other way around.

* Your first and last names are the same. (John John)

* You have a perpetually drunk Uncle who starts fights at every family gathering

* You call a friend - (squad),

* Every time you greet someone he says "YOU"?

* You have sat in a 4-seater car with up to 8 other people.

* You can speak with your face - eg. Twitch like a rabbit to ask, "Where you going?"

* Your Grandmother thinks Vicks Vapo-Rub is the miracle cure for everything (including broken bones ....)

* You're getting a hiding and your parents yell at you as to,"Why you are crying for?" ("yu karai lo wanem ah ......")

* You've been shamed and belted up by your Mother in front of schoolmates at the Supermarket.

* You're a Tycoon on your payday by shouting everyone and scab money off people till the next fortnight.

* You invite people over for dinner and your family all of a sudden says the grace.

* You've had an afro at some stage in your life (boys AND girls) and thought you looked cool.

* You're at your Aunties and see your 6 year old cousin doing household chores.

* Your Aunty visits and she's talking to you at the same time as looking in your pots for food...

* You go to your village rich and come back poor.

* You have lap laps for curtains in your house.

*From an Infant to Bubu knows about the Gospel of Christ Jesus........ PNG the Land of the Annointed!


Smail na lap tasol, yu yet save olsem "THE BLOOD THAT RUNS THROUGH YOUR VEIN IS PAPUA NEW GUINEAN"