Yangon Expat Suggestion(YES)

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5- things you need to know when you are finding apartments with tight budget in Yangon

(1) Avoid taking apartments with Lift (So-Called Condo).Even if the condition of Apartments with Lift and without Lift is same,You will see the cost of rental is 35% or higher in apartments with Lift compared to the ones without Lift.

(2) Try to find Upper Floor apartments without Lift.In Myanmar,Upper Floors are less desirable and you will get them in very reasonable price.

(3) Avoid staying the likes of Yaw Min Gyi,Sanchaung Area near Pyay Road and Hledan near Pyay Road or Any other Area very near Main Road.Those area are very good for staying but if you are budget is very low,It is likely you will not find the apartments or even if you find those could not be the ideal ones.Still if you want to stay very closed to those area, swap Down town near Scott Market for Yaw Min Gyi,Sanchaung Area near Baho Road or Kyuntaw Road for Sanchaung near Pyay Road and Hledan near Yangon-Insein Road for Hledan near Pyay Road.

(4) Don't afraid to spend for some furniture if you ever come across the apartments without being furnished.Used furniture are very easy to find and are cheaper.If you want the Landlords to provide the furniture,they will charge you more than you can spend on some furniture as one time investment. If you have a plan to long term staying in Myanmar(no matter you stay in the same apartments or different one),your will get benefit from your own furniture.After you contract finished and you are no longer need to stay in Myanmar,you can easily sell your furniture online through many sources.

(5) Try to speak Burmese Greeting words like " Mingalar Bar", "Nay Kaung Lar", "Kyay Zu Tin Bar Dae" etc--and Don't afraid to appreciate their apartments if you like.Myanmar people are every emotional,generous,friendly and polite.They love to be appreciated and they always try to be good to the Tenants if the Tenants is friendly enough.As long as they like you as their first impression,you will surely get discount and price will be lowered.

I hope everyone get this tips useful and I will occasionally express useful information about the apartments and houses which will be essential for the Expats.