Young Attorney Network

For young lawyers and lawyers-to-be:
(a) Identify yourself and your practice area(s)
(b) share referrals (give and get)
(c) share information and ideas
(d) help one another
Young Attorney Network Purpose and Bill of Principles:
1. The purpose of the Young Attorney Network (“YAN”) is to promote the advancement of recently admitted attorneys. Recently admitted attorneys are those who have gained admission to a state bar within the past five years. The primary method of communication for YAN members is through the YAN Facebook page.
2. The YAN seeks to foster strong connections between its members through mutual collaboration and the cross-cultivation of ideas. Its members are strongly encouraged to share ideas and opportunities to increase the value of the YAN to each individual member. The YAN seeks to provide greater value than the sum of each of its individual members.
3. The YAN is a place for its members to seek and provide referrals for legal matters, employment opportunities, and general matters that are essential to the legal profession. A YAN member who seeks to refer a matter through the YAN must always ensure that the attorney who is receiving the referral is competent to handle the legal matter. A member must never overstate his qualifications. The YAN does not expressly or impliedly require reciprocal referrals.
4. The YAN’s strength comes from the contributions of individual members, and therefore members are encouraged to take an active role in the organization. Examples of active participation include, but are not limited to, participating in group discussions, the referral of employment opportunities or client matters, the personal exchange of ideas.
5. We are interested in forming actual relationships.