Ysel Afghanistan

A warm welcome to all who has joined this group. All students from YSEL can join this group whether he or she is from YSEL 1 or YSEL 2 3 4 5 6 or 7.

Rules and Regulations:
1: No one is Allowed to say anything against me or anyone.
2: No one is Allowed for hate speech or insulting others.
3: Discussing the Topic will be nice rather then just saying hi and hello.
4: Any kind of Advertisement likes and joins are not allowed.
5: Writing Pashto/Dari in English or Pashto/Dari font is allowed both so that anyone can understand.
5: Any kind of misbehave, flirt, bad manners is not acceptable.
6: As girls in the group are our sisters so Respect to them must be in the Top priority of group..
7: New Topics and News updates are appreciated and acceptable.
8: If you desire to add your friends to join our group, be sure that they should be YSEL students only. well-mannered, knowledgeable and bold person so that the members can take benefit from his words.
9. Any one who is not interested in the group, kindly remove themselves from this group.
10. Those who are adding new members, make sure that the new members are interested and want to be the part of the group instead of just adding them without informing them.
11: Anyone found crossing these rules and limits will be removed permanently from the group. DERA MANANA...TAsHAKUR beSyar ZyaT ."