Challenges Activities >19 Zeta Phi Omega 75< ( ORIGINAL)

Challenges activities > 19 Zeta Phi Omega 75< ( ORIGINAL) This would be the Mechanics/ Criteria of the Challenge ORIGINALITY: 20%-(Quality of artistic composition & overall design) CREATIVITY : 20%-( Quality of artistic composition &overall design based on your own chosen theme &/or creativity of the depicted them). THEME: 40% -(It should be clear for what purpose you want to share in your designed logo a brief description on your theme). IMPACT: 10%-(Base on the likes & or comments of the viewer). COOPERATION:10%- (Base on the mechanics on how you will post your ENTRY). REQUIREMENTS: Full pledge member &/or chapter of 19 Zeta Phi Omega 75. 90% of the official Zeta Phi Omega logo should be on your designed ENTRY. A participant must submit his/her ENTRY on or before NOVEMBER 23,2014.Pre- judging should take place on NOVEMBER 24,2014 the judges will chose the TOP FIVE (5) ENTRY,to be judge at the final judging on NOVEMBER 25,2014. The Participants should post their ENTRY on this way. Your Design Logo /Entry ( on the "Description" slot on your propose entry the following should be mention properly ). 1. THEME:( example: To seek wisdom to enlighten men). 2.CHAPTER:(example: Chi Rho Delta Chapter. Pasonanca Zamboanga City). 3.G.R's CHAPTER: ( Complete name/ info as will as Fb name). 4.M.I's CHAPTER: ( complete name/info as we'll as Fb name). NOTE: If the participant will be ask on how they come up with their respective entry, they should explain it.( Open to all 19 Zeta Phi Omega75 chapters). For your Entry, please click the link.