Telenor Pakistan - Aao Kar Dikhayen

Aao Kar Dikhayein is a platform that encourages, recognizes, and motivates employees of Telenor Pakistan to win every day, win smarter and win with passion. The idea behind Aao Kar Dikhayein is to make every Telenor individual feel like an asset to the organization (the objective is to rejuvenate the winning spirit and put people in a war mindset so they can achieve what is impossible every time). This platform is a place where we share our colleagues & department’s winning stories. Telenor has a vision to empower societies and that is going to happen by generating winning attitude in employees. Team work is an integral part of Telenor Pakistan. With that philosophy our goal here is to keep the satisfaction level of our employees to its maximum so there is synergy and unity amongst all of our valuable employees.