Australia Backpackers Buy/Sell

Join this group if you're a backpacker looking to buy or sell so...mething - cars, vans, sleeping bags, travel books etc.

Also join our sister groups:

Australia Backpackers 2013:
Find travel buddies, inspiration and advice whether you're planning on traveling to Australia or already in Australia -

Australia Backpackers Exchange:
This group is for backpackers (or anyone) wanting a service that backpackers may be able to provide such as hairdressing, plumbing, computer assistance, moving things etc at a cheaper price! Instead of spending our dollars on companies, help a fellow backpacker out by 'hiring' them for the services you need.
Alternatively you can swap services - let someone stay at your house in exchange for a haircut for example -

Australia Rideshares for Backpackers:
If you're looking for ride shares in Australia -

Australia Backpacker Jobs - for backpackers to let others know if they are leaving their job or know of any jobs available and companies/agencies to advertise jobs for backpackers:

Australia Backpackers Flatshare/Roomshare - for backpackers to find or advertise flats/rooms available. Owners of flats are also welcome to advertise on the page.

Anyone posting spam or unrelated posts WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE GROUP