Bhutanese American College Students' Association (BACSA)

We have many of goals to achieve, though the path isn't easy and predictable. America is very competitive country. Also, the unemployment rate is increasing every day and there is nothing we could possibly do to fix that problem. However, what we can do is help ourselves. We can be the best candidate, regardless of growing competition. And the only way to do that is by helping each other grow. We all heard this proverb, "United we stand, divided we fall." Yeah! Let’s apply this strategy and let's all unite. We all share the common goal and we all came from common family background. Nobody is perfect but everybody is at least good at something. Let's share our strengths with others and help each other with our weaknesses.

Share your experiences, knowledge and ideas.

This is closed group, only members can post and see what's inside it. Feel free to post your problems related to college activities, and feel free to share your experience to those, who needed.

We warmly welcome all current and prospective college students in this Association. We also welcome senior mentors, advisers and inspectors to oversee our Facebook group.