Aberdeen University Lawyers without Borders (AU LWOB)

This the official Facebook page of Aberdeen University Lawyers without Borders. We are a student society, who seek to support the work of the Parent Organisation, Lawyers without Borders.

Lawyers Without Borders is global group of volunteer lawyers from around the world who offer pro bono service to rule of law projects, capacity building and access to justice initiatives. For more information on the work that Lawyers without Borders undertakes, please see their website http://www.lawyerswithoutborders.org/

Our society, AU LWOB, operates on two levels.

The Research Division aims to use their acquired academic knowledge in a practical way, which is often under-prioritised in university education. This is done by undertaking research projects from the Lawyers without Borders Parent Organisation as well as NGOs that require legal help.

The Events and Fundraising Team aims to raise funds for both our society and the Parent Organisation. This is done in order to provide pro bono lawyers with resources to aid those in need in the countries of their focus.

This requires your help. We are always looking for new, interested and engaged membership.

For more information, or if you wish to be added to our mailing list, please contact: aberdeenunilwob@gmail.com