Aberdeen University Surf Club

We at ABDN Surf are a great bunch of folk who love to surf, party and have a laugh! So if you are looking to get in the water, catch some waves and meet some pretty top mates - look no further!!

For surfing, socializing, travelling and keeping fit. From never-ever surfed to pretty-dang-alright-surfers; from Swedes and Finns to local Brochers; from marine biologists to going-to-be-at-Uni-all-there-lives-for-the-surf.

We have a club growing in numbers and a shithot rep - things are going off! The Newquay BUCS Student Champs is where it's at every October, where we're planning to take over and regain our awesome 2nd place that we achieved in '07 and 3rd place in '13! We hit up the wilds of Thurso for surf and shenanigans every Novemeber and February - a trip not worth missing! We then head for the distant shores of Peniche, PORTUGAL for our Easter blow out, this is the craziest, most amazing week of the year so get involved!!

What You Get Joining:

-- Equipment/Transport
-- Supervised weekly sessions
-- Weekly pub and club nights
-- Trips, lots of em!! Great way to see around Scotland
-- Competitions
-- Weekly fitness sessions
-- Dope Ass Clothing
-- Discounts at all of our sponsors
-- Local knowledge
-- Local talent
-- And most importantly, top mates at the club

Socials are Wednesday nights at the Illicit Still from 8.30pm (complimentary buffet provided on regular nights) and we always stretch the night as far as it can go!

So what are you waiting for? Come on and join ABDN Surf!

Drop us an email with any questions on abdnsurf@gmail.com