Aberdeen Can Transform

This page is dedicated to fostering an honest and respectful discussion of improving our hometown--Aberdeen, Washington. We recognize that it is necessary to consider all facets of our Aberdeen--strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats--in order to arrive at the best solutions.

We prefer to allow this page to function with as little administrative oversight as necessary. Let's see if we can all be adults and get by with just these two rules:

1. Anyone can join the page, using whatever fb account name they choose, BUT the identities of posters and commenters MUST be easily ascertainable. In other words, you can use your business name, or your nickname, or whatever other moniker you desire, but your legal name must be obvious from simply looking at your fb page if you want to do anything more than just look.

2. No ad hominem attacks will be permitted. This means absolutely no name-calling, or attempting to discredit another individual in any fashion. This is not necessarily the same as pointing out a weakness or threat in our Aberdeen that may be traceable to the actions or inactions of some person or entity. We administrators recognize that this distinction can be a fine line that many persons choose not to grasp, so we may admonish and explain as situations arise.