A Better Nanaimo

Welcome to A Better Nanaimo

We all want A Better Nanaimo! How ...do we do this? By giving input on ideas and thoughts including those of political concerns that we can discuss and brainstorm together, to establish positive solutions and results for the betterment of our city and its citizens. We welcome everyone who wants to make a difference and see positive changes occur in our fair city.

In order to ensure open communication and engage with others in a diplomatic manner for conversation and debates, the following are the guidelines you agree to uphold as a member to our group.

Posts: Links that are posted require an introduction of why this link is given and why this matters in the thread of discussion. Posts on events in our city are welcome.

Rules of Protocol: Remain civil, be respectful to others and their opinions. You will not bully, intimidate, or harass any user. You will not post content that: is hate speech, threatening or incites violence. Please stay on the topic of conversation. If you wish to start a new topic, post a new thread. Participate in discussions as if you were speaking face to face with someone in a public place.

Administrators Rights: The administrators reserve the right to delete without notice any post that does not observe the Rules of Protocol, including topics that are not relevant to the development or success of our city. The administrators reserve the right to delete a person from the group, who does not abide by the Rules of Protocol. The administrators will always consider allowing a member back in the group who agrees to uphold the Rules of Protocol.