Abraham-Hicks: the original group

Welcome to Abraham-Hicks: The Original Group

We are SO happy that you are here with us in our playground of co-creators on Facebook! ♥

Please post quotes and video clips of Abraham-Hicks material only, and please discuss the Abraham teachings and processes and how they have changed your life! There are many other groups on Facebook for other teachers and we like to keep the focus in this group PURELY Abraham so that our group can inspire and create great, postivie energy. :-)

If you want to tell someone about your business, or another method please send them a private message.

There are many new-to-Abraham members here too - please be patient with them if you are an experienced Abe-er - please guide them to talk about what they WANT, and to focus on SOLUTIONS. This is the basis of the Abraham teachings and will transform your life!

You will find a huge amount of resources by clicking on our 'files' tab under our top banner. If you are *really* new to the teachings, I would highly recommend you get yourself a copy of ASK AND IT IS GIVEN as a starting point - go with your feeling as to what works for you.

We have an excellent team of moderators here. Please feel free to ask any of us if you are unsure whether to post something, or need some help on finding a particular resource.

Thank you and HAVE FUN WITH THIS ! :-)

Dee McLellan

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