Australia Backpacker Jobs

Looking for a job? Maybe you’re leaving your job and your compan...y is looking to replace you or you’ve seen a job ad in a store and want to share with others?

This group is for backpackers to let others know if they are leaving their job or know of any jobs available and companies/agencies to advertise jobs for backpackers in Australia.
Please note that if you do not have a visa or are not eligible for a working visa in Australia, this group will not be useful for you and you shouldn’t join.

To get updates of available jobs in Australia, follow this list which includes pages advertising jobs - if you know of any to add let me know:

This is an ENGLISH speaking group - please don't write in other languages, so that there are more chances for everyone to be able to help you with your questions.

Make sure to also download The Backpacking App, which has useful information for before you arrive and once you’re in Australia on must see’s in each city:

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Anyone posting promotional posts or spam will be removed and banned from the group.