Action for Change Foundation (ACF) Dili, Timor Leste

Action for Change Foundation (ACF) is a non-profit NGO based in Dili, Timor Leste, which was founded by young Timorese with the aim of youth helping each other for a sustainable future. It has programs that are designed to promote peace and job skills development for Timorese young people.

In the last two years ACF has improved the lives of over 2000 Timorese youth through its work. The organisation is run by youth, for youth; it is a youth-driven, change-maker organisation, largely facilitated by the work of volunteers.

ACF has three main program areas:


ACF uses sports as a tool to promote peace at the community level. Its Sport for Peace program provides disengaged children and vulnerable youth with opportunities to play sports. Through this program young Timorese learn about and embody values such as discipline, tolerance and respect, and develop an appreciation of the positive role that sport can play in the lives of young people.


The organisation provides Timorese youth with training opportunities in the areas of English, Portuguese, IT, public management, finance, leadership, customer service and on-the-job training. This is designed to assist youth in finding and securing employment.

Course participants can then put their knowledge into practise with ACF’s work experience placement program. Youth develop their employment skills, learn about a workplace environment, and create networks and gain experience to create future employment opportunities.


ACF has formed a saving and loans club to provide young people with a way to save their money for the future and access loans to help start their own businesses, creating opportunities for self-employment.

ACF also has an internet cafe that gives youth access to the internet at a reasonable price, which raises funds for ACF’s operations that contribute to organisational sustainability.


We can do a lot with a little. Imagine what we can do with a lot?

If you or your organisation would like to assist with or learn more about this very worthy cause, please contact us.

Kind regards,

Jose de Jesus
Founder & Director
Action for Change Foundation