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:: Welcome! Ad Creator Advertising ::

What do you do when you ...find your needs and your clients' needs outgrowing your category? You redefine. The category, the services, the agency.
Ad Creator has always been an advertising agency, but over the years as the industry and our clients' requirements have changed, we've expanded our service offerings beyond that of a traditional agency. We're not walking away from our 9 years of advertising experience and expertise; we're building on it by providing clients with a new breadth and depth of marketing communications services.
By redefining who we are, we can continue to do what we've always done: use the latest marketing innovations to provide you with the best multilevel marketing solution.

:: Media Planning and Buying::
The Right Person- The right Message- The Right Time

As a leading strategic media planning and media buying agency, Ad Creator known as there is a ‘perfect storm” in media the trifecta – connecting with the right person at the right place at the right time. When it comes to media planning, we spend a lot of time – more than most – getting to truly understand your target. We combine that knowledge with the extensive range of media vehicles we can offer you, and then customize the optimal solution based on your budget and objectives.

Ad Creator media, specializing in traditional advertising gives you the best of both worlds: small agency attention with big media buying agency capabilities. We have access to the tools and resources of much larger Ad agencies – secondary, quantities research, along with the advantage of having those tools utilized by our experienced staff. Our media buyers have an average of 8 years of experience, and are also media planners, ready to help craft the best advertising plan for you, through the best media outlets possible. To us, it’s an integrated process, so we know our recommendations are not only on strategy, but attainable. And everything is done in-house, so we can ensure that our standards, and our clients’ needs, are always met.

From consumer to retail to B2B, Ad Creator can get your message to your customers and prospects through a variety of media outlets:

• Outdoor
• Newspaper
• Sponsorships
• TV (national, local & cable)
• Radio advertising
• Magazines
• Newsletters

::Advertising Account Services::

Strategic in Thought, Tactical in Application

Flexible to accommodate your constantly changing position in the marketplace, Ad Creator’s advertising account services department focuses on your customers’ needs so that we can develop and deliver the most effective niche marketing campaigns. You’ll have access to a wide range of integrated marketing services, and we’ll find that right mix that will get you the best return on investment. The areas of service we specifically offer are:

Advertising Campaign Development & Management

Ad Creator has a truly integrated approach to all of our services and understands how critical a full-service approach to marketing strategy and tactical integration is to developing successful marketing campaigns. How do we do this? By developing a strong business relationship through an understanding of our client’s business objectives/strategies, industry characteristics, and shared responsibility for results. We base this philosophy around the idea of optimizing client and agency cost, but most importantly, leveraging our expertise to provide you with a true understanding of the complete marketing/communication process.

In addition, Ad Creator serious about providing ROI marketing solutions. Like you, we’re concerned about developing marketing/communication strategies, messages and tools that are successful from a business standpoint. We enjoy creating award-winning work; but more importantly, we produce results. We’re committed to developing campaigns that can be monitored, measured, and gauged against consumer response – in order to determine the campaign’s return on investment
(ROI) and strategic accuracy.

Brand Marketing, Development & Management

Building and maintaining brands has never been more crucial. Ad Creator’s approach is to take a more strategic and rigorous approach from not only developing and maintaining new brands, but also to elevating brands for maximum competitive advantage. Our brands marketing touch points range from creative inception to fully integrated brands identities to graphic standards guides.

Strategic Planning

Great advertising comes from great strategy. Establishing a clear and strategic foundation is fundamental to developing a brand or brand marketing campaign. We customize our strategic marketing planning process around your specific criteria and situation, optimizing the opportunity for the brand, by maximizing and maintaining your key brand variables: positioning, personality, brand name and identity. Ad Creator’s strategies are developed to enable a real execution of tactics.

Marketing Research

Understanding your existing brand dynamics means understanding your customer. At Ad Creator we believing primary and secondary marketing research is crucial to discovering your customers’ insights. We also believe every marketing campaign should have objectives that can be measured. Through our strategic marketing research partnerships, we provide answers and evaluations across the board. From concept development to awareness measures, we thrive in both qualitative worlds to help provide benchmarks for advertising campaign development and performance.

With our integrated marketing approach, Ad Creator has the ability to facilitate customer contact by utilizing tools like in-depth phone surveys, focus groups and online surveys. Having a better audience of your target audience is crucial to determining the relevance of your advertising campaign opportunity.

::Creative Advertising::

Starting With an Idea, Ending With an Impact

The creative work is where your consumers interact with your brand. Whether that connection happens in a print ad, a radio advertising spot, it must resonate with your consumers, get their attention, and then motivate them to think, feel or act. Good creative gets attention – great creative inspires action. And that’s what you can expect. But why tell you what we mean,

Ad Creator’s line of creative advertising services includes:

• Advertising Campaigns
• Print advertising
• Outdoor advertising
• TV and radio advertising
• Logos
• Corporate identity
• Package design

Stand-out creative that’s on strategy. That’s what we deliver. And we closely with our account service department to achieve it for you.