Adobe Town & Salt Wells Mustangs

This group is for people that want to share information on the AdobeTown and Salt Wells HMA's in Wyoming or any other HMA in Wyoming. My husband and I are trying to put together a database record, information and resources from our experiences and visits to these HMA's. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to share information, photo's and comments. I am not a professional photographer, these pictures are just for documentation purposes. Please enjoy the group. We would like to invite people that have adopted Mustangs from these HMA areas that maybe have not seen where thier wild Mustangs came from. If you have adopted a wild mustnag and would like to see what the HMA or HA looks like please let me know. If we can find someone who has pictures or information on that area we will post what we find out. Since this group is in its infancy we are starting with the Adobetown and Salt Wells HMAs in Wyoming. If you or someone you know has pictures of the Twin Peaks HMA in Northern California I would love to see them and talk to you or them. Our BLM Mustang "Cisco" is from that area. Thanks :) We will NOT tolerate bashing of the BLM or any other organization in this group.