Adsense Money Makers

Welcome to Google Adsense Money Makers group. The objective of this group is to Make Money and help others make Money from Google Adsense.

We will post step by step procedure to make money from Adsense.

What is your responsibility in this group?
Spend just 5-10 mins/day in this group. We will post maximum 5-10 posts per day. All you have to do is just open the link in that post and click on any one of the ads in this page.

How this is going to benefit you?
We will share your blogs/website in this group. You will get money from adsense based on number of clicks on ads in your blog/website.

Important Notes:

* Only links send by active members will be posted here.
* Reports of that member blog will be shared your to show everyone how much he earned from our group.
* We will post new links only after the links posted here receive at least 100 ad clicks.
* So, if you all be active in this group, everyone's link can be shared soon.
* If you don't want to be active in this group, just leave the group.
* We need only those who understands and genuinely interested in earning money from adsense.


* Click on ads in links posted here
* Send your blogs/website links. we will share it here
* Your blog/website should not violate google adsense terms.
* share this group with your friend who are interested in adsense.


* keep on sending your links as personal message.
* don't expect others to click on your ads when you don't do that.