Advanced Cubase Users

Advanced Steinberg Cubase (and Nuendo) Users who would like to talk shop, trade tricks, ask for advanced help, and give advanced help. This is your group. We do not support support Cubase 5 or Nuendo 3.

Only Cubase 6 (Nuendo 5) and higher is allowed here. Sorry.

May NOT be the best place for beginners. But after you READ THE MANUAL, we can probably help. We are NOT a substitute for being familiar with the manual.

Discussion of Cracks and Pirated Software will absolutely NOT be tolerated.

Professionals don't want to be a part of a forum that discusses these things.

NO SPAM, please (including self-promotion and/or promotion and/or advertising of any services and/or products)

There may be instances where it's on the fence whether it's spam or not. We try to be fair, and sometimes we'll allow something, that could be questionable. Just sayin'. Don't take offence if your post comes down.

If it's an link or image related to the discussion, that's always good. No problem at all.

We DO NOT want a bunch of posts just for the sake of showing off your latest production, it takes up too much space away from helping with issues and room for discussion.

Group administrators review requests to join this group, including looking over your timeline page. If you didn't get approved, it's because we couldn't tell for sure if you fit our requirements. Which is to be an experienced Cubase / Nuendo user, and would like to have some like minded professionals to bounce ideas off of, ask questions, or give some help.

If you belong to 200 groups, nope, if your Timeline is full of spam and a bunch of links to music, nope, we DO NOT want that here, because it waste too much space and time, and takes away from our prime directive.

We are NOT affiliated with Steinberg, their forum is here: