Afghanistan College Confidential

Education is an important factor for the development of societies. During more than thirty years of war, the education system in Afghanistan not only did not improve, but became worse. Most Afghans did not have the opportunity to receive any sort of education whatsoever. Today, 10 years after the war, the literacy rate of Afghans is still one of the lowests in the world, male 49% and female 18%. Even for those who have/had the opportunity to receive education, the quality of their education is inacceptably low, especially at university level. Meanwhile, for the development of Afghanistan, we need more and more educated and professional people.

Afghanistan College Confidential is a network of Afghans, mainly students, who are interested in sharing their knowledge about education opportunities inside and outside Afghanistan. Some of us are students at universities abroad and some of us are in Afghanistan. We understand the benefits that these opportunities can bring in our lives and would love to share them with other Afghans as well.