African Students Association (University of Alberta)

This is the official African Students' Association at the University of Alberta (AFSA) Facebook page.

The African Students' Association (AFSA) is a student group that provides an engaging forum for all students of African descent and all those interested in issues of African concern in Edmonton. Visit!__2/membership

Our objective is to initiate programs of special interest to African students with a view of articulating a progressive African position and generating informed support for African development.

Membership of the association is open to all students, alumni and Faculty of the University of Alberta, and to any persons within and outside the University who express a genuine interest in the principles and objectives of AFSA and are ready to adhere to the aims and objectives of the association.

General Information
The group aims to:
1. Encourage better understanding among African students studying in Edmonton.
2. Promote cultural awareness among its members, the university and the entire Edmonton community.
3. To demystify the intrigue surrounding Africans and Africa in general. We need to educate the wider populace on
what Africa is all about so as to dispel some of the misconceptions and generalizations.
4. To provide an avenue to discuss cultural, social and political issues that affect Africa, by encouraging the sharing
of tradition and culture as well as views between different African countries through socially enriching activities.
5. Host renowned African leaders for talks and lectureships on issues of African interest.
6. Welcome new students and help them settle into their academic life