Chemical Engineering Department - Higher Technological Institute

On behalf of our faculty and staff, I want to welcome you to the Department of Chemical Engineering. This is a wonderful time to be a chemical engineer. Chemical Engineers have made important contributions to society over many years in terms of products and processes. A large number of industries depend on the synthesis and processing of chemicals and materials. However, today, in addition to traditional examples such as the chemical and energy industries, there are increasing opportunities in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, electronic device fabrication and materials, as well as in environmental engineering. Chemical engineering is essential in these and other fields whenever processes involve the chemical or physical transformation of matter. The breadth and versatility of our training will continue to open many new opportunities for chemical engineers in the future.

Our primary mission is to educate graduate and undergraduate students and to create fundamental knowledge and pioneering technologies in the chemical sciences and engineering. We also affirm our commitment to the importance of teaching both in the classroom and in the laboratory. To further our pursuit of excellence, we seek to foster an intellectually vibrant, collegial atmosphere with a keen appreciation for the values of diversity among our students, staff, and faculty, and breadth in our research endeavors. The Department is undergoing a period of dynamic and exciting expansion that will further contribute to excellence in teaching and research.

Are you ready for a rapidly changing world that faces challenges in many areas such as: Life Science, Energy, and the Environment? Are you ready for a degree that will make you more competitive in today's changing market? Are you fascinated by a nontraditional career? Chemical Engineers, with their unique problem solving skills, are best prepared to tackle these challenges for a better and sustainable world. We see these challenges as opportunities. If you do too, then the Department of Chemical Engineering is ready for you!

We invite you to explore, discover, and get acquainted with our department, our degree programs, our research activities, and the accomplishments of our students and faculty. We encourage you to learn as much as you can about our programs, talk to our faculty, and meet with our students. We hope you will find that Department of Chemical Engineering offers the breadth and vision that you seek in your educational program. I invite you to consider becoming a part of this talented and diverse community.