AOG Rules - No spamming, trolling, flaming etc... No racist remarks or sexual gender jokes allowed here. In general, any unfriendly and rude behavior is unwelcomed on AOG.

Entry to the group is based off of admin's visibility of your page. Only those who have something public on their page that can be linked with airsoft will be permitted to join.

Keep cursing to a minimum. General cursing is acceptable, language directed negatively at anyone else is NOT. Please consider other members, young and old.

We are not a pawn shop, The selling of Video games , Televisions , Computers Cars, Non airsoft related Items .etc. EVEN IF for airsoft stuff is not permitted in this group.

Posting Videos and Images- No videos or images are allowed that depict the unsafe, illegal or inherently dangerous handling, firing or displaying airsoft or real steel weapons. This almost always includes and gun handling in public places.

Concerning sales - If you're not interested in purchasing an item or providing helpful information, please do not leave comments.

Concerning promotions - Promotions from all fields, arenas, Ops and retail stores are welcomed here so long as they are not excessive.
Any kind of AOG tie in must be approved by Devonte Durr (