ANCYL Nelson Mandela Region

The objectives of this group / page are to inform, engage and give notices to the ANCYL Branches, members and supporters.
The ANCYL aimed to rally the youth behind the ANC into the struggle for national liberation movement and to champion their socio-economic interests. It is the intention of this page to ensure that the ANCYL Regional Leadership in the Nelson Mandela Region lead consistently with the original aims and conception of the ANCYL since 1944 when the ANCYL was born.
The ANCYL was born into the struggle against racism, sexism, division and authoritarianism. It was born into the struggle for the freedom of the Africa as a whole. Its birth, it proclaimed, was a response of the African youth to the demands of the times through laying their services "at the disposal of the national liberation movement, the African National Congress, in the firm belief, knowledge and conviction that the cause of Africa must and will triumph".
Its birth was a reflection of the development of a new generation of African intellectuals schooled and trained, not with standing, in the ivory towers and institutions of colonialism. Paradoxically, whereas the colonial settlers had sought to train African intellectuals who would sing the songs and dance to the tune of colonial domination, on the contrary, the very ideological and intellectual grave-diggers of colonialism emerged!