Aljamil eTraders :: Get Paid For Online Jobs!

Aljamil eTrdaers :: Get Paid For Online Jobs!

Online Expert Forex Trading Course

1st Time In Pakistan For Only Rs. 30,000/-

Course Duration 15 Days, 3 Hours Daily!

The Course will Contain the Following Topics :

01) What is Forex

02) What is Forex Trading

03) What is Pip, Pairs, Spread, Margin, Margin Call,

04) Types of Charts

05) What is Technical Analysis

06) Features of Technical analysis

07) What is Candlesticks

08) Types of Candlesticks

09) Candlesticks Pattern

10) Important Chart Patterns

11) What is Fundamental Analysis

12) Price Action

13) What is Trend

14) How to Determine Trend

15) Trend Lines

16) What are channels

17) Types of Channels

18) Drawing Channels

19) Fibonacci Retracement

20) Drawing Fibonacci Retracements

21) Trading Fibonacci Levels

22) What is Lagging Indicators

23) Moving Averages and their types

24) MACD

25) Trading with Lagging Indicators

26) A great Lagging Indicator Strategy for Profit making

27) What are Leading Indicators

28) Leading Indicator Types

29) RSI

30) Stochastics

31) CCI

32) Parabolic Stop and Reversal

33) Bollinger Bands

34) What is Stop Loss

35) Stop Loss Strategies

36) What is Money Management

37) Money Management Rules

38) Emotional Discipline Techniques

39) Do's and Don'ts

40) 3 Successful Strategies

MT4 Software basics
And much more.......

What would take people 2-3 years to learn on their own, we will teach you in 15 Days!

All the best. :-)

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