Kenyans Abroad

Hello all Kenyans Abroad,
Welcome to the group of All Kenyans Abroad. This group is all about to unite all Kenyans who are far away from home. This will bring us together as one Kenyan. Share your experiences, ideas, and all kind of activities which are within the community. This is because most of us are unaware of what’s going on just because of lack of communication. Your all welcome en feel free to use this group as center of our communications. The time we lived in our beautiful Kenya we were able to live the Kenyan way. But from the moment we moved from Kenya we lost our free way of communication and sharing. It seems the new environment blocks our creativity and we lost our pride to be Kenyan strange? No
Well, basically we need to unite and share all things which are important to us this topic can be regarding visas , driving license ,taxis, and all kind of other topic related to our stay in Abroad.
So if you are in to my free way of communication just feel free to join us
P.S I want to make a promise to all of you that I will dump all the bullshit posts and build a nice network for all of us.