Allergy Support New Zealand (ASNZ)

Allergy support from families who live with it every day.

We welcome all discussion relating to Allergies as it covers a whole range of topics including Eczema, Anaphylaxis, Coeliac, Healthy Eating, Food Sensitivity & Intolerances, Gluten Free Food, Skin infections, Hayfever, Asthma

We welcome all manner of discussions and try to keep an open and respectful community here. In the Files section you will find our Guidelines & Expectations, please take a moment to read these and "like" to show you have read.

Your friendly admins are Helen Richardson, Lisa Welbourne, Lindsay Bartholomew, Rebecca Oliver, Cherie Kaushal and Sue Culver.

If you ever have any questions or concerns you think need to be bought to our attention please message us as a group via Allergy Suppnz.