Coonabarabran Buy, Sell, Swap, or Free!


Spammers &/or Troublemakers ...get deleted & banned without warning!

Bumping Posts more than once in 24 hours is also spamming! So don't do it!

Can all 'for sale' posts please include either a flat asking price, or at least a nearest offer asking price, not just a picture without details.
Potential buyers do not like reading for sale posts without any details or prices.

Please remember to delete your posts once transactions & pick-ups are finalised.

It is advised that pre-purchase arrangements made by sellers with potential buyers, like inspections etc, need to be honoured by the seller first, before entering into any new transactions with another buyer.

NOTE: Any deals or arrangements made via inboxing, are done outside the group, and as such are not subject to group rules, therefore admin assistance is made null & void, so inbox at your own risk!

Respect the group, it's members, and the rules, or go elsewhere.

My decisions are final, cause I just got no time for drama..

Thank you, admin.

Last Updated: 21/03/2015.