ALL Mike( Micronesia), Hawaii

◆Photo of the day/ 今日の1枚◆
Recently we are often contacted by island people on their questions and requests. This precious photo was kindly shared by such a person, Bj Herry from Nama Island in the Upper Mortlock Islands, Chuuk. It was copied from the original in possession of his uncle Soter in 1999. Soter, who was born 1916, was one of the last survivors of this group and passed away around 2004-2005.
This photo was taken on Angaur, Palau during the Japanese administration, where many Caroline Islanders worked at phosphate mining from 1909 to the 1930s in the German-Japanese colonial eras (for example, over 1000 Micronesian workers in 1912). Those 34 men in this photo were all the workers from Nama, except for one person named Mak, who is missing from the photo. Bj knows all the persons in this photo. The front row from left to right, Iota, Pisinti, Effer, Buas, Sua, Soulik, Fered, Souas, Soter, Nupwa, Tier, and Golid. The middle row left to right, Stam, Karisom, Welireng, Keilong, Siko, Kansua, Ainis, Nuer, Marthin, Ilai, and Engopel. The back row left to right, Setirik, Ropwou, Karel, Luter, Eliap, Narios, Keper, Sessy, Souap, Feura, and Naris.
Please let us know if you have a historical photo to share with us.
最近島の人々からよくご質問やご要望をいただくのですが、この貴重な写真はそんな一人であるミクロネシア連邦チューク州ナマ島出身のBj Herryさん(米国シアトル在住)より送っていただきました。彼のおじさんのSoterさん(前列右から4人目)は1916年生まれで、この写真のグループの最後の生き残りの一人でした。彼らは日本時代にパラオのアンガウル島で燐鉱石の採掘の労働に従事していたナマ島の35人の男達で(1人だけ写っていません)、Bjさんはすべての人の名前を覚えています。(彼はこの写真を90x60センチに引き延ばして飾っているそうです)もし皆さんが貴重なお宝写真などの資料をお持ちでしたら、シェアお願いします。