GLOBAL OUTREACH OF WOMANKIND From All Nations of the World and Guyana

We welcome all women of the world and their specific interests, which will help us grow in our global sisterhood of progressive thinking and action. We welcome all Guyanese women living in and out of Guyana and their female offspring, as well as extended female family members.

The goal of this group is to uplift women by recognizing their achievements, their present struggles (if any,) their mode of survival, and their vision for future generations.

In addition, the intent of this group is to understand where we want to see womankind in the future, which we understand will be achieved by knowing how to operate the present. Meaning,

1. We want to know the plans each other has for the future;
2. how do we plan on accomplishing our goals,
3. and what can we can do to help each other achieve their goals, dreams ambitions, etc., individually and as a whole.

Further, in this group, we do not laugh or make fun of each other,(have fun at the expense of another woman,) instead, we are to uplift each other with praise and understanding. Moreover, we do not gossip or allow others to gossip, FULL STOP.

Believe me, by respecting each other, we will cultivate an atmosphere of trust and honesty, which will not only foster the elevation of all womankind, but will heal all humankind, one person at a time.
Kharis Macey, Group Owner/Creator/Administrator