Cheltenham UK Spa town

Cheltenham has pretty much everything that the average citizen requires of a town, perhaps you agree, perhaps you don't, this is a forum where you
can vent your feelings of disquiet, praise some aspect, suggest change, chat with friends, comment on the discussions and add some of your own.

Its open for the sacred and secular but it will be monitored for content, so keep it clean. There is a lot to see and do here, and its a town full of culture.

The council has great plans to improve the town further please feel free to post notices about upcoming events and have your say about Cheltenham

Have a look at the photos and upload some videos of town activities if you wish and of course more photos.

Just recently I have realised how fiddly it is to enter Web sites on a mobile so I decided to revamp the site and include links to the kind of things that a broad swathe of the population would want to connect with regarding Cheltenham, I know that it helps me to connect easier. Please note that you can now send an e mail to the site if you want to. The address is up there on the RH side