Altrincham Film Club


Cinema at The Cinnamon: a locally owned and run venue where we will be able to screen films the Altrincham Film Club way – sociably, comfortably, and with bar prices that don’t make you weep.

* Expect to see releases you have missed or a classic you have never seen on the big screen;

* We don’t intend to be a film buff's film club – for us it's a social thing. Oh, and because it’s a social thing, feel free to forward this group onto anyone you would like to come too…

* We will provide discussion time before and after the films, licensed bar, short films or cartoons like in the old days, with Director Q&A's when we can , and adverts for the local tandoori if you insist. Film nights will generally start with opening the bar at 7:30, Short at 8pm, Feature at 8:30.

* Children won't be forbidden (although we'll stick to film certificates), but they might find it quite dull

* Membership of Altrincham Film Club costs £36 per person and lasts for one year. You have to be over 18. Members pay £2 for each showing they attend during their membership. They can bring a reasonable number of guests to each showing at £9 each.

* We expect to run a minumum of six screenings over the next year. Your membership funds are used only towards the cost of screenings and a very small publicity budget. With this income we need about 40 people each evening to break even; so, again, please do send these details on to people you know who would share your enthusiasm for a proper night out at the pictures.

* We have appropriate formalities to receive subs and administer expenditure (we have a proper lawyer and everything!).

* Interested, but can't abide Facebook? email instead.