AMSUT - Association of Macedonian Students at University of Toronto

The Association of Macedonian Students at the University of Toronto (AMSUT) was officially formed in 1988 at the St. George Campus. The original and founding members of the group saw a need for the Macedonian students at the university to form a strong coalition and become active members within the community. That same year, AMSUT was officially recognised as an active campus association.

Within a year of the group's inception, AMSUT was able to host a series of formal events that attracted over two-hundred people. Despite these events being successful and effective, the need to become more involved culturally and politically within both the Macedonian and campus communities was quickly realised.

This Facebook group was created to bring together current Macedonian students at the University of Toronto, and form the next generation of this legendary student group. It is also intended for those before us who have made all of this possible - the UofT and AMSUT alumni. Our goal is to embark on the same paths as our predecessors and keep the cause and vision viable. We must be active in bringing about positive changes within our respective communities, creating cohesion among all Macedonian youth organisations and establishing stronger ties between social, cultural and political characteristics of what it is to be Macedonian.

All students at all UofT campuses are encouraged to join this group.