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Important; By joining the group, you accept the agreement and these terms and conditions. I must tell you that common sense on the page applies; Everything related to spam, abuse, pornography, ethical and political attacks, child abuse, or similar, will be promptly reported to the police. Here are the ethics and considerations related. We have declined us from having external "advertising" on the side, away from the sides, and straps. We have chosen to keep the site open for people to comment on recent articles if you want.The fact that you request to join the group, or that you will be added by a friend, or AGS, you accept the terms of this text also, AGS reserves the right, to remove posts, that are recurrent, or that someone put out several posts every day/often, simply to save space, and this page should be managed for everyone's comfort. With the hope of understanding. Enjoy!

Patrik Palmér
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