Arlington Foodies

(Updated 6/17/2016) This is a group where fellow citizens of Arl...ington can discuss their experiences at local eateries and restaurants around Arlington, Texas. Add #ArlingtonFoodies to all of your posts to share with the Arlington Foodies Community!
From time to time, there may be ads for restaurants or groceries, etcetera. But ONLY Food related items.

If a restaurant owner or food supplier wants to introduce themselves or share specials, that is fine, but please no daily same images or spamming the board. An introduction is fine, new specials or recipes is great, but try not to promote yourself more than once a week or people will end up resenting your restaurant and it will do more harm than good. This is a great place for owners to learn how their business is doing, so please feel free to join, just save us from agonizing scrolling through ads. Thank you.

It is also a place where you can find out where to buy food supplies, like where do I find Edamame in a grocery store? It is more for critique and food discussions in Arlington!

(Wanna know what Swarm Dining is?
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