Arsenal India

''Three Cannons for the South Indian kings under the sky,
Seven for the Western lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for the rest of India wherever they might lie,
One for the Lord Bargkamp on his dark throne
In the Land of N5 where the Shadows lie.
One Cannon to rule them all, One Cannon to find them,
One Cannon to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of London where the Gunners wait."

This is a group started as an extension to the Facebook Page "Arsenal
India Supporters" and site
this group is no place that would only be publising the site or page..
so what we we.. simple we are fans of the greatest club ever "Arsenal" and
from the beautiful land of India ...thanks to education and advancement we
have also grown over the years with our love for football and clubs like
Arsenal.. and this also ended in having a number of wonderful groups on

So this group is with an aim to get all the fans on a single platform
irrespective of what our ideology and aspirations are for Arsenal..However
that doesnt mean that we dont have rules.. bec a community if it ends to
have a lot members can get a bit ulgy if there are no rules and we hope
the rules set out here will the most simplest and easiest to follow.

So what can you expect from the group other than the normal debates and
--> Update on most of the other arsenal city supporter groups across India
--> Update on screenings or any important event by the groups across the
--> Update articles and posts of all the supporter group websites...
--> Share our articles seperately..
--> Publise all the Indian bloggers , their websites and posts at one
--> help gooners to set up communities or supporter groups anywhere in
India if its not there by publicity..

Do read the rules below as we will have to follow them to make sure this
group is peaceful and any issues are avoided.

Rules ( Please understand that we are all fans of one club so we shouldnt
even fight, we can have differences in ideologies and how things are run
at the club but that shouldnt be a reason for us to end up fighting.
Have healty debates. and to make sure that happens we have the following
simple but strict rules)

Rule 1 --> No racism or Abusing players and fellow gooners
Rule 2 --> A few threads would have to be followed else its free for all..Please follow threads for article posting and posting groups or other
advertisement of other supporters groups in India
Rule 3 --> Unlike other groups Admins are not here to decide what you need
to talk but to make sure there are no issues and maybe pin up items that
needs to be talked and debated for a long time
Rule 4 --> talk on city/town/state supporters group , page is only allowed
and not any other arsenal group however big they are and if it is posted
it would be deleted.