Art Gutter

Art Gutter is a group dedicated to getting aspiring up and comin...g artists the exposure they deserve..

For many artists, including myself, art is more than a hobby. It is a passion and a true extension of the soul. Through art, we can freely express ourselves without discrimination or judgement. We can tell stories, create memories and get to know more about one and other.

Art Gutter will truly take you on a journey through the creativity and emotions each one of these unique artists provide. As they always say, the possibilities are endless.. This couldnt be more true with art.

We will accept any and all different forms of visual art. Interested artists will have their own profile showcasing their work. Each artist gets their own "album" under the "photos" within the group. We will use your personal photo to create the album cover of your profile. Your profile will also include all the diferent media you use and any links you may want to include. Artists with profiles can send their finished work to the group inbox. I will update each profile as we recieve updates from each artist.

Any group artists can sell art using the Art Gutter group and are encouraged to do so! Make sure to include pricing when submitting work.

I have noticed that many artists create amazing original pieces of art, and then put them in a portfolio to never be seen again. Art Gutter is here to put an end to this! Sare your imagination with the world..

Art Gutter