ASA Army Security Agency

A message from the moderator: "This ASA forum does not censor (Facebook might). In the spirit of open debate you may have your "feet held to the fire." Be prepared to back up your statements. Any member can "CHALLENGE" a posting. Once challenged a moderator is to contact the poster and ask the poster how much time (reasonable amount of time) is needed to provide proof (debate standards). If the poster can not, or will not, provide evidence, a post maybe marked "POST UNFOUNDED - MODERATOR" by the moderator. If a member's posts become intollerible a vote may be given to expel a member. A majority vote is needed for excommunication by a moderator.

All the information, in this forum, is the sole opinion and/or expression of the moderator and/or its members and does not reflect the view or confirmation of information or actual events by the ASA/NSA/NSG/INSCOM/CIA/CSS or any other U.S. Government intelligence or intelligence gathering entity.