ASEAN Supporters Network - Supporters for Team ASEAN

Originally suggested by a group of supporters based in Hồ Chí Mi...nh City who encourage a culture of peace through sports and a formation of regional network of supporters for Team ASEAN. Members are only limited to those who are committed to work for a more connected ASEAN Community through sports. Members work together in the spirit of equality, unity and self-responsibility. The initiative is part of a collective effort to help build ASEAN indentity through sports.


– Discuss exchange between national groups of ASEAN supporters
– Share and learn experience on ecosystem of national groups of ASEAN supporters
– Invite local and international supporters to come to the sports ground to cheer for their favourite teams
– Celebrate cultural festivals by supporters for supporters in the sports ground.
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1. Tournaments to practice:
– Regional friendly youth tournaments (Exchange and cheer for ASEAN representative youth teams)
– Regional friendly tournaments: Merdeka Cup – King’s Cup – other friendship tournaments (Exchange and cheer for ASEAN representative teams)
– Toyota Mekong Club Championship (Exchange and cheer for Mekong Selection Team if any)
– SEA Games (Exchange and cheer for SEA Games Selection Team if any)
– ASEAN Super League (Exchange)
– FIFA, AFC, AFF official tournaments (Exchange and cheer for ASEAN representative teams)
– Asian Games, Olympic Games (Advocacy for a joint marching using ASEAN flag)
– World Cup (Cheer for ASEAN representative teams)

2. Exchange programs

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1. National Groups of ASEAN Supporters
– Vietnam Supporters Network:
– Cheerthai Open Group:
– Myanmar Supporters Club, Singapore:

2. National Pages of ASEAN Supporters:
– HarimauMalaya:
– Cheerthai Power:
– Myanmar Supporters’ Club, Singapore:
– Myanmar Football 12th Players:

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