Albanian Serbian Friendship Association

There is no such thing as ethnic friendship: friendships are always individual. But what follows is that there should be no ethnic enmity either. Ethnic hatred is just as silly as ethnic friendship: however, we cannot deny that too many people understand ethnic Albanian-Serbian relationship as one of perpetual conflict, if not of hatred. Therefore, this group exists to give a counterweight to hatred. No one should be raised with the idea that someone else, someone different, is their friend by default -- but, hey, no one should think that that someone is their enemy either.

Being an ethnic Albanian usually means not being an ethnic Serbian, and vice versa -- usually, ethnic identity is exclusive. However, that doesn't mean being Serbian is the same as being anti-Albanian, and vice versa. We cannot let that happen. We cannot let thieves, murderers and rapists hide under the cloak of "serbian-ness" or "albanian-ness", we cannot let geniune
evil hide under the idea that the violence is the fate of our beautiful Balkans. It is not: we can choose for violence not to be our destiny. Not because rejecting violence is formally accepted, popular or cool in the European Union, but because its our choice not to let thieves, murderors and rapists use nationality as an excuse, EU or no EU. If not ethnicity, rest assured that they would have used something, anything else as means to their end. We cannot prevent excuses for violence: but we can stop having ethnic identity as its excuse. I ll be paraphrasing when say that its our duty to condemn the very thought that one human being can cause evil to another: by not condemning that vice, we lay its seed, and it will only grow stronger in the future. Don't let ethnicity be an excuse for violence: dont let thieves, murderors and rapists define who you are.

As a matter of fact, as a matter of "tradition", way back in the day Dhimitër Progoni, last of the Progoni princes, married Komnina Nemanjić, the daughter of Stefan Nemanja who was the founder of the preeminent Serbian medieval dynasty. Surely what was good for feudal lords and ladies back in late 12th century is good for us, who are all likely descended from medieval peasants for whom feudal lords and ladies didnt care much, regardless of ethnicity?

States in the Balkans come and go: the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman empire, various medieval and modern Albanian and Serbian kingdoms, communist states, and present day self-styled democracies. The existence of the Republics of Albania and Serbia is uncontroversial now (tho it wasnt always that way, some sultans weren't happy about the independence part, and some Serbian and Albanian kings werent happy about the "Republic" part.) In that sense, you can debate the final status of Kosovo, but one fact remains: look at the above list of states and you will realize that states come and go, but people remain. What matters are the people. So if you are convinced that people in the region can and should do better than murder each other, come join and invite a friend.