Asians And Bears

Asians and Bears was created July 17, 2012 with the idea of providing a forum for Asians/Asian Bears and the men who appreciate them to post pictures, say hello, share resources, announce events and discuss cultural topics.

We are a different Facebook group. Though part of the posts are pictures from the internet, we post a lot more about ourselves. We endeavor to create a safe place where we can be encouraged and supported and feel better about the men that we are and the community we are cultivating.

We only have three rules.

1). Be Respectful and Encouraging.

2). Practice Kindness.

3). Ask permission


-Please be 18 years old and above

-You must have a public profile picture showing your face. We believe that it speaks to accountability and helps protect the safe space we have cultivated. If you're profile pic has you wearing sunglasses, please have another one without. If you are in drag for your profile pic, please have one pic without make up in your albums.

-Your profile must adhere to Facebook guidelines.

-We do not allow duplicate profiles. Please choose one to use with the group.

-Though we have members that are transgendered, this group is primarily geared towards GAY MEN and content that interests them.

-If you are sensitive about nudity (within Facebook rules) this group may not be for you.

-We believe Facebooking has a learning curve. We only admit profiles that are two years of age and older.

-We do not allow advertising or solicitations in this group.

-By joining the group you agree to observe the tenants and rules we uphold.

It's sad that our community necessitates for a group like this to exist because of it's strict and exclusive views to what a "bear" should be. We hope that as we grow we can help stir back our movement to the ideals of ethnic inclusion this community was founded on.

We are not in the business of accumulating a lot of members, our beliefs are not for everyone. We are endeavoring to grow a family of people who share in our ideals.