Association of Security Professional in the Philippines

ASPP Guidelines :

The following are strictly prohibited in the group:
- Use of foul language and derogatory statements
- Pornographic materials
- Rude usernames/images
- Personal attacks/flaming
- Off-topic posts
Posts containing any of the above d will be deleted.

Also, languages allowed in the forum should be English and Filipino only.

We will promote Camaraderie among ourselves.
Share our knowledge and technical know-how in the field that we live in.
Security & Safety Innovations & other related matter that concern our chosen field should be given a merit and appropriate attention in order to maintain proficiency, consistency and quality service Security Provider/Practitioner.

Share and free to Post any Job, Employment availability local or abroad Training, Seminar and other related matter hereto.

We will always welcome all your sentiments, concerns, issues, complaints, suggestions, solutions, comments, and posts on other matters pertaining to Security but it is suggested that no Partisan politics, Religious matters and Propagating products/items since it will become divisive among the members here..

Adopt the principle of "Quality member/s but not a quantity per Se.,

God Fearing inquisitive individuals with Good Moral Character is much welcome but we can encourage any one.

Welcome & God Bless Us All & Merry Christmas ahead of Us @ ASPP.

Aden Alcantara
Orly Tesnado
EJ Gaspar