Assalam Foundation Afghanistan

Assalam Foundation Afghanistan, works as an independent, non-governmental, non-profit, non- regional non-ethnic non political and charitable organization. It works under a sound constitution and participatory approach.
Mission Statement:
The organization supports charitable activities regarding peace, Education, health-care and other related relief services. It provides assistance to people in need, regardless of race, colour, political affiliation, gender or belief, and without expecting anything in return from them.
General Information
Assalam Foundation works in the following fields for the welfare and betterment of the deprived people of Afghanistan:
• Education
• Health
• Relief and Rehabilitation
• Orphan and widows’ Support
• Digging wells and tube wells for safe and clean drinking water
• Struggle against Narcotics.
• Making arrangements for collective Iftar and providing gift to orphans and windows at Eid days and other occasions
• Collecting Zakat and distributing it among the most vulnerable people in Afghanistan
• Serving People with disabilities by providing wheel chairs, food items, education facilities and trainings
• Working for the development of youths
• Working for the human rights specially that of women in accordance with the golden teachings of Islam
• Implementing Qurbani Projects on behalf of the respected donors, sacrificing animals of their choice (sheep, Goat or Cow) and distributing its meat among the poor and needy people of Afghanistan
• Helping the poor farmers of the country by providing standard seeds, fertilizers and necessary equipments etc