Welcome to all new Friends and Members here

This group is for people who love Tunisia.
Share your experiences, memories, pictures and videos of this beautiful country and invite your friends to this group.

Enjoy yourself in this group but PLEASE, before you post something, don’t forget that:

1. This group is not a dating site!
• Dont write "Add me" posts all the time!
• When you want to message someone, do it in a private message, not in the group, and if you don’t get an answer you must accept it.
• Don’t share personal pictures of yourself!
• Don't post pictures of your friends and families, that is for your private Facebook and not for this group!

2. Don't write insulting or violent comments and don’t BOTHER anybody here! Speak to everyone with respect.
3. Don’t share pictures of other countries, animals, flowers, children or anything that is not about Tunisia!
4. Be kind and friendly to everyone, we don't want drama or any problems in this group!
5. Don’t use the group to promote other groups and Facebook pages that are not about Tunisia.
6. Respect other people's religions, traditions and opinions.
7. When writing in this group, please do it in ENGLISH so that everyone can understand it.

• Any pictures that were not taken in Tunisia will be removed.
• Any member that does not follow these basic principles will find themselves being removed and subsequently permanently barred from this group.

The Admin Team