Admirer of Astrologer Shri. Chithrabhanu K Poduval

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Astrology is a science. There are many astrologers all over the world. In our India astrologers from different parts of the country have their practice. Usually astrologers from kerala are very well accepted. Again Poduvals, a community of north kerala town of Payyanur is considered as the best. There have been many astrologers from this area, who served us in our states of tamilnadu, kerala, and karnataka. Late.Shri.VPK.Poduval was one of the best, further came many. In this period of time, there is a young poduval astrologer with very striking achievements.

He is Shri.Chithrabhanu K Poduval of Payyanur,kerala. An intuitionist more than a text-vomiting astrologer.There are huge admiration in kerala, karnataka, tamilnadu, andra, Maharashtra and abroad. He used to travel to all parts of India for conveying the best with horoscopes and “prashna(a method to find mystics)” and predicting. He is considered best in horoscope reading, but more than that, known for his achievements with his intuitions. A person who finds the most possible doctor to cure your illness with location, nature, appearance and colour of the clinic, cured many psychic problems, duel personality and sleeplessness, cures matter related to childlessness, Loss of Partner, Finding lost properties, theft, clues regarding an investigation, has the track record of finding persons, culprits, locations and valuables.
As per count, has found valuables and gold property worth 172 lakhs. Young poduval is who with intuitions made Indian and international clients to put on Navigation systems and Google-Earth as peripheral devices to trace locations for finding and locating, personalities and lost properties etc. A young man with huge capabilities, bliss and humbleness. Grandson to Keralas most famous freedom fighter and orator Shri. K.P.Kunhirama Poduval, he is well with royalty and well-known ancestors too. Occasions were there, when nearby doctors refers him sometimes for psychic and heart related cases. What more does an astrologer wants, what more the people who find him want. This young man is carrying the charisma of Poduvals all the way.
He puts “if you have a HISTORY there is a mystery about the same, and if u have any MYSTERY to be conveyed there is surely a historic reason behind the same. This is what he defines about Astrology. He used to travel all over India for doing proper parihaara karmas, with his companion thanthri. BrahmaShri.Nagraj Adigaaa. Certain values also come along with him, as like only four appointments per day, no specific fee, and truly a family man with obligations, when he say “a blotting paper cannot cure its own wet areas”

Can contact him on Mobile number. The number is 0091 9526570250, 0091 9495895959.

Account number is : 67087389496
Branch Code: SBTR0000445
Branch: Kazhakootam, Trivandrum.