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Whether for singles or couples, this group is for people exploring astrological compatibility in romantic relationships. As an online astrologer as well as dating and relationship coach, I use astrology to help couples and singles find and cultivate a lasting love relationship which they experience as the most fulfilling they've ever had. It's not only astrology which paves the way for such bliss, but it seems to be a very useful tool in understanding our partners' needs, as well as our own.

I started this group to help dispel some of the misunderstandings I hear of so often as both astrologer, tantra teacher, dating coach, and marriage counselor. Please join in the conversation to ask meaningful conversations. Remember, if you have the question, probably others do too.

When it comes to astrological compatibility regarding couples living together, I find the Moon signs are most important. Sun-Moon conjunctions are often the "marriage aspect". Sun square Sun doesn't mean your relationship is necessarily doomed. Etc., etc.